Monday, June 27, 2016

Week #100- Learning the Kechi Dialect

June 27, 2016
Chanxacuil Everyone!

Everything has been going great here! We have been super busy. We've been teaching lots of people and finding new people to teach and we are still trying to get our investigators to church.

We had a lesson with Gerson this week. While we were visiting, several returned sister missionaries from the Richmond mission   arrived.  Apparently, they had taught him before he had been baptized. They stayed for the lesson which felt super awkward. Afterwards, he let us take some pictures with his dad's Humvee which was sweet. 

We went to go teach an investigator who is from Mexico.  He lives in the same apartment with his son and happens to own a Spanish restaurant here in Newport News. He told us to come to the restaurant where he would serve us personally and give us free food.... So, it looks like we are going to eat in his restaurant sometime this week. 

We have been running into a bunch of chapines, people from Guatemala.  Everytime we talk with them we have them teach us a word from their dialect. (There are 25 different dialects in Guatemala and none of them sound the same.) I have learned how to say hello and goodbye in four different Guatemalan dialects. I like the Kechi dialect the most. We have an investigator that speaks Kechi and he teaches a word every time we come over. He always get a chuckle out of us saying hello and goodbye to him in Kechi.

Our Mission President and Sister Baker went home today.  I will miss them!  

Have a great week everyone.

Love, Elder Cannon

I am saying goodbye to President and Sister Baker.  I will miss them!

Elder Valentine, me, and Elder Armstrong in front of Gerson's Humvee

Inside Gerson's Humvee