Monday, May 11, 2015

May 4th and May 11th Posts

May 4, 2015- Tortino says "Yes" to baptism

Hey Family and Friends!

Miracle May is on its way!

This week we had an awesome lesson with Tortino! We brought him some old clothes that we found so that he has clothes to wear to church. He was really excited. I tried to teach him how to tie a tie but it didn't go over so well, ha ha. He said he'd just watch a video on You Tube to figure it out. We invited him to be baptized on May 30th and he said yes! He's going to have to go to church for three consecutive Sundays to be able to qualify to be baptized on May 30th, since he wasn't able to make it to church yesterday because he had work.  

On Saturday, we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with members of our ward. It was really cool because the McCoy’s, a sweet member family from Newport News, drove here to Norfolk and took us to breakfast.  It was awesome to see them again. In addition, while we were walking on a street in Norfolk, we ran into an Elder who had served in our mission and finished his 2 years in February. Apparently, he's working this summer for a company going door-to-door and selling security systems. He’s basically he's reliving his mission but instead of telling people about the gospel he's telling them about security systems.

On Sunday, I tried the hottest chili that Hispanic people use, which is called Chile Arbol. Apparently, the ghost chili is a little spicier than the Chile Arbol. However, the member made the sauce with chile arbol in such a way that it wasn't super spicy.

I want everyone to know that I have no doubt in my mind that our church is Christ's Church and that he is at its head. He guides His church today through a living prophet and apostles just as he did in ancient times. I know that He restored his church through the prophet Joseph Smith. Every time we teach a lesson about the Restoration and I share the story of the first vision, I feel the spirit witness to me that it is true.  The Book of Mormon is the evidence of the restoration. I know that the Book of Mormon is true as well. Every time I read the Book of Mormon I feel closer to my Savior, Jesus Christ. If there are people out there reading this that aren't sure if all these things are true, or if you are just looking for an answer to any question, go to our Heavenly Father and ask him. We are His children and he doesn't want us to be confused. He wants us to know the truth.

Love, Elder Cannon

May 11, 2015- Transfer Calls

Hey Family and Friends!

Yesterday was definitely the highlight of my week because I got to Skype with my family! It was awesome being able to talk to you! After we Skyped we ate dinner with the Sabillon’s and Martin and Lani. They cooked us some really good Carne Asada. Then we were able to listen in when Jose, one of the Sabillon's sons, Skyped from his mission in Los Angeles.  It was a sweet experience!!

Saturday, we got transfer calls.  I will be staying here in Norfolk. I will continue to be the District Leader.  Elder Garcia will be my new companion.  We are going to be training a new missionary. I interviewed a 9-year-old girl for baptism this week.  It was really hard to interview her because she was really shy and scared. Later that night, our Ward had a Mother's day party that we attended.  Some of the members dressed up as a mariachi band and played some music for the celebration.

Hope everyone has a great week!  Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

Love, Elder Cannon

Teaching Tortino how to tie a tie for church.

Martin is preparing Carne Asada for Mother's Day dinner.

Eating dinner with Martin and Lani and the Sabillon family on Mother's Day

I am helping members with their yard work.

Me with the Mariachi Band

Friday, May 1, 2015

April 27, 2015- Translating a Meeting

April 27, 2015- Translating a Meeting

Dear Family and Friends

This week we taught two lessons to Tortino. We met him a couple of weeks ago as we were walking through a trailer park.  He was standing outside the community’s Laundromat and smoking.  We talked to him and he said we could talk with him sometime, so got his address and phone number.  When we came by again, we couldn't find his trailer.  This week as we were walking through the same trailer park, when we saw a guy walking on the street ahead with a bunch of laundry, when we realized it was Tortino. He recognized us and came over to greet us.  He was super happy to see us, and asked us when we were going to come over to visit him.  We told him that we hadn’t been able to find his trailer so he showed us were it was.  We had an awesome first lesson with him and he thought everything was bien chevere (fabulous). When we came by on Thursday, and he was outside on his porch reading the Book of Mormon! We were able to teach him yesterday as well, and he's really excited about everything. He told us he's going to come to church on Sunday.

On Monday night we had a FHE with Fabricio where we watched a movie called The Testaments. He made us some smoothies with a fruit in it called naranjia, which is a fruit that only grows in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador.  It was really good!

Wednesday, we ate dinner with a member family from Brazil. They were speaking Portuguese to us and we'd speak Spanish back to them. Portuguese and Spanish are similar so you can generally understand each other but some words are so different that they are not even close. It was pretty cool though.

Elder Bradshaw and I are trying to repair our relationship with Martin and Lani, because it has been awkward ever since Martin told us he's not interested in the church anymore. It is sad because we are so close to them.  We had the chance on Thursday to go to work with Martin.  It was tons of fun. We helped him put new flooring in a house in Chesapeake. 

Friday night, one of the English wards invited our branch to eat some tacos with them. The food was pretty good, but tacos made by Chelays (non Latinos) just aren't the same compared to genuine Latino style tacos. There was a talent show afterwards and there was this a funny skit where a couple lip synced a bunch of songs from the 90s.

On Saturday, we helped the Sabillon family tear down some walls in their trailer.  Afterwards they fed us papusas.  Papusas just never get old; they're just too good.

We met some guys from Guatemala who had recently crossed the border.  They told us some crazy stories about crossing the desert for four days without food.  They walked at night and then had to hide in the bushes during the day so that the Border Control helicopters flying around wouldn't see them. I just love hearing people's stories of crossing the border. They are so crazy and they always are cracking jokes when they are telling their tale.

On Sunday, we had Stake Conference.  On Saturday night, there was a special Women's Conference, which included 5 stakes from all over Virginia and North Carolina. A bunch of general authorities came including Bonnie L Oscarson, the YW General President, Linda S. Reeves, the 2nd Counselor in the General Relief Society presidency and the new 2nd counselor in the General Primary presidency. My companion and I were there because we were asked to to translate the meeting into Spanish.  It was a bit awkward being the only males there, but the talks were really good.  

Hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Cannon

Elder Bradshaw, Linda S. Reeves, Me