Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week #96- Last Transfer and Week #97- New Companions and Old Friends

Week #96- Last Transfer
May 31, 2016

Hey Family and Friends!

This week I entered my last transfer! A big group of missionaries flew home this morning, so now I'm in the group of the oldest missionaries in the mission. It is pretty crazy! My old companions Elder Free and Elder Hess are being transferred to North Carolina tomorrow. Elder Armstrong and Elder Valentine will be my last companions.

We had a pretty fun Memorial Day. We were invited to the homes of Hermano Piggot, the 1st councilor in the branch presidency and President Ojeda, the branch president.  We had a lot of fun and we ate a lot of food.

The church is true!

Love, Elder Cannon

Week #97- New Companions and Old Friends
June 6, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

Well I finished my first week of my last transfer with a bang!

On Wednesday I dropped off Elder Free and Elder Hess at the mission office in Portsmouth.  Then, the current Norfolk Elders, Elder Kelly and Elder Armstrong picked me up. Elder Armstrong is one of my new companions. While Elder Armstrong and I waited for Elder Valentine to arrive, we went to Norfolk to do some teaching. It was great to go back up to Norfolk. We were able to see some old people that I taught.  I was able to talk to Lani (someone that I taught and baptized in Norfolk) on the phone. She's doing well and is expecting a baby girl. We ate dinner with the Mencia family at a Hispanic restaurant and I ordered some tacos de lengua (cow tongue tacos).

Elder Armstrong and Elder Valentine are great and we already get along super well. Elder Armstrong is from Hurricane, Utah and has been serving for 15 months. I got to know him when I was his Zone Leader in Greenville, North Carolina where I went on a few exchanges with him. Elder Valentine is from Denver, Colorado and has been serving for 6 months.

We taught a few lessons to Miguelina and Leopoldo this week. Miguelina is so close to being baptized. We went over the baptismal questions and she is totally ready. She knows all of it is true. She just still doesn't feel prepared. She feels like she needs more time. So hopefully, we will be inspired to know how to help her feel more prepared.

We ran into a lot of strange people this week. A Jewish pastor asked us if we knew the three things that we needed to do to be saved. He told us to worship God with all our heart, multiply and replenish the earth and then love everyone including our enemies. Then, he walked away backwards as he played a harmonica. He was pretty funny.

My watch stopped working so I stopped wearing it.  I am sure that it needs something simple to fix it like a new battery. Branch President Ojeda happened to notice that I wasn’t wearing my watch anymore and asked me to wear his.  I tried to politely refuse but he insisted. So- now I am wearing the watch that he so kindly lent to me.

We found an old Hawaiian shirt tucked away in one of our closets in our apartment. Elder Armstrong decided to make matching ties for all three of us.  We plan to wear them to our last Zone Conference with President Baker before the new mission president comes in.

We went to a thrift store today and bought a cd player that we are going to give to one of our investigators named Alvino.  He can't read and his phone won't let him download the app to read the Book of Mormon. He will be able to listen to the Book of Mormon on CD now.

I also had to start the "My Plan" program for missionaries that are one transfer away from completing their mission. I have three weeks to complete it. There are a bunch of questions for me to answer and videos to watch that will help me prepare to go home. I will miss being a missionary.

We have a pretty busy week of lessons planned so it should be a really good week. I will talk to everyone next week.

Love, Elder Cannon


The Ojeda family

Dodanim and Gregoria from the Dominican Republic

Farewell cake and milk with Elder Hess and Elder Free




Miguelina and Leopoldo

The Ramirez family

Saying Goodbye to Elder Free and Elder Hess