Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week #88 - Teaching English

April 4, 2016
Dear Family and Friends,

I hope everyone enjoyed Conference this past weekend. I know I did. I am so grateful that we have a living prophet today. It is such a blessing to hear his counsel. I'm also grateful for the 12 apostles and all the other general authorities that spoke in general conference.

We watched the Saturday morning session in the home of one of our investigators named Maria. She really liked it, and commented that she felt like all the talks were directed towards her.

It was pretty cool to see Elder Arnold give a talk in General Conference. He visited our mission around October or November and he interviewed all the Zone Leaders and sister training leaders in the mission, so I was able to talk to him by myself for a few minutes. I already knew that he was going to talk about focusing on less active members, as he had stressed that to us while he was here.

Miguelina and Leapoldo are doing well. Miguelina has reading a little in the Book of Mormon. They were going to go to General Conference with a ward member for the Sunday evening session but they never showed up.  We haven't heard from them or the member so we aren't sure exactly what happened.

We are teaching English classes here. We are inviting every Hispanic that we meet and we are hoping to get a good group going every week. We taught the English class this past Wednesday, and it just reminded me how complicated English is, and how I just take the grammar for granted. I imagine it’s really tough for people who try to learn it as a second language.

I know God loves us very much. Like Elder Holland mentioned, remember those feelings that we have felt during this General Conference, and keep pressing forward.

I love y’all,

Elder Cannon