Monday, April 11, 2016

Week #89- Three Investigators Come to Church

April 11, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,
This past week was a really busy week, but a lot of exciting things are happening here in Newport News.

We are still teaching Miguelina and Leapoldo from Tijuana, Mexico. Miguelina has read up to chapter 8 in the Book of Mormon, and she has commented to us that she feels really good and happy when she reads from the Book of Mormon. Reading from the Book of Mormon brings a lot of happiness to me as well. Even though I've read it so many times, maybe close to 20 or more, I always enjoy reading it over and over again. Miguelina and Leapoldo also came to church this past week! They told us that they enjoyed the services a lot.

We haven't seen Maria much this past week. She has been really busy. However, we did see her on Friday. She says that she still wants to be baptized on May 7th. She didn't come to church yesterday, so that means she's going to have to come to church three times in a row to be able to be baptized on May 7th.

One of our investigators, named Heber, came to church. He asked us if we could drive in front of him to the church so that we could show him the way since he doesn't feel comfortable driving by himself. We called him 5 minutes before we were supposed to meet with him, to ask if he was ready and he had completely forgotten that he told us that he would attend church. He quickly changed into church clothing and then we led him to the church by driving in front of him. On the way we hit every red light and ended up showing up 15 minutes late to church. Luckily, the Spanish branch runs on Hispanic time so we made it before the Sacrament.  

We have another investigator named Alvino who was planning to come to church. We had stopped by early Sunday afternoon to make sure he was still planning to attend church.  He said that he was and that he was really excited about attending. One of the members planned to pick him up, but neither Alvino or the member showed up to church. Later, we found out that the member had been pulled over by the cops before he got to Alvino's house and he may or may not have been arrested for driving too fast. Alvino didn't seem to happy that nobody showed up to pick him up.  Hopefully, we'll be able to work everything out with him. 

Well, I hope everyone has a great week! I know that this church is true, and that we have a living prophet today. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that we can learn so much about Jesus Christ when we read it.

Love, Elder Cannon