Monday, April 25, 2016

Week #91- Miracles

April 25, 2016
Dear Family and Friends

Miguelina and Leapoldo are still doing well. In the past, Leapoldo hasn’t been super interested in our message and has even said that he is just tagging along with his wife. However, during our lesson on Monday, he commented that before he met us he had a lot of concerns and worries because he wasn't sure how he was going to be able to support his family who had just come from Tijuana to join him in the United States. However, from the moment that he started to meet with us and discuss the gospel his fears and worries have seemed to disappear.

On Tuesday, I attended our normal leadership call which we hold at the beginning of every transfer to help to train newly called District Leaders. President Baker and all of the leadership in the mission including: Zone leaders, District leaders and Sister Training leaders are in attendance. We were discussing how to prepare for a District meeting. President Baker said that  he was going to call on a few of the more experienced District leaders to make some comments, and he asked me to go first. That made me feel old. I can't believe that I hit 21 months last Saturday.

On Wednesday, we dropped by the home of Alvino, one of our investigators. Alvino was busy but some of his friends let us in. We planned to talk to them for a minute or two and then leave. Then, Alvino’s friends commented to us that the police were going to show up because one of them had been beaten up the night before by someone else. At this point, I decided it was time to leave but right when we stood up to leave the police knocked on the door. The policemen asked me to translate for them and I thought that was actually pretty cool.

I'm pretty sure that I was exposed to peanuts during dinner this week. I started feeling really sick but not as bad as I did the last time I ate peanuts by mistake during a member dinner. I asked for a Priesthood blessing, and decided that if I started to feel worse then I would need to go to the hospital. Luckily, the sick feeling left my body soon after the blessing and everything ended up being just fine.  I'm glad nothing worse happened and that I’m alive to tell the story.

We also had a dia de campo branch party. I got assigned to grill all the meat. It turned out to be a good party except it started raining really hard half way through.

Every day we see so many miracles, but yesterday in particular we found some people who were amazingly prepared by the Lord to receive His gospel. We dropped by an investigator's house, but he and his family weren't home. However, his step son was there. We asked if we could share a message with him, and he said that we could. He was involved in the lesson and understood everything we talked about. He mentioned that nothing had ever caught his attention before like the message that we were sharing with him. He told us that he felt a feeling in his heart that told him that what we were sharing with him was true. We also met Jorge as we were walking on the street as we were returning to our car after an appointment.  He called us over so that he could ask us a question. We walked over to him and he asked us who we were. We introduced ourselves, and he then asked us if we could share a message with him. He expressed his feelings about how he felt that nobody loved him, even God. He told us that he had even tried to commit suicide because he felt like it wasn't worth living anymore. We talked about the first point of the Restoration: that God is our loving Heavenly Father.  When he heard that, he began to cry. The spirit was really strong and I could feel the love that God has for Jorge. I know that God really is our loving Heavenly Father. He knows us personally by name, and He loves us more than we can comprehend.  I am grateful for the chance to be a missionary and to feel the love that God has for His children.

I hope that everyone has a great week!

Love, Elder Cannon