Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week #86- A New Teaching Method and Week #87- Trying a New Teaching Method

Week #86- A New Teaching Method
March 21, 2016               

Dear Family and Friends,

Things are going good here in Newport News. We are teaching a lot of people and are really busy. We are seeing some investigators really beginning to progress. Because of the success we are having Satan is pushing back pretty hard. We actually had 6 investigators and 8 less actives commit to go to church on Sunday, but not a single one showed up to church!

On Friday we had Zone Conference, where multiple zones met to receive training from President and Sister Baker. It was a great conference! One of my favorite parts, was when President Baker talked about using the Book of Mormon to begin a teaching appointment.  This means that when we ask our investigators if they had read the Book of Mormon and when they respond that they have, that we should not say “Oh that’s great,” and then just move forward with another topic that we had planned to teach. He stressed that the Lord has prepared a way before us and that there will always be something that the investigator says or that they have read that can be related to what we are going to teach. To illustrate his point he called up random missionaries, asked them to leave the room for a few minutes, told us what he was going to teach them, and then he called the missionary back in and did a role play with them.  The missionary played the part of the investigator.  President Baker asked the investigator (the missionary) if they had read the Book of Mormon and then asked them what had stood out to them in their reading. The missionary pointed out something out from his personal study the day before. Each time President Baker was able to relate what the investigator (the missionary) said and transition seamlessly into the lesson he was planning to teach. It was really cool to see how he taught from the spirit.

We had an interesting lesson with one of our less actives named Cristian. We helped him out with his gardening tasks and then proceeded to teach him about the Plan of Salvation. We had forgotten a Plan of Salvation pamphlet in English (he speaks Spanish but can't read it) so we ended up drawing the Plan in the dirt with a hoe as we taught.

We had some speakers from the High Council come to the branch on Sunday.  Neither of them could speak Spanish so I had to translate for them while they were speaking. One read his talk so it was tough to keep up. They had both given me a copy of their talks the night before so I had a little bit of time to read the talks over and mark the scriptures so that I could flip to them easier but that was about it. I just had paper copies of the talks in English and had to translate them while they were speaking.  But, it was all good.

With Easter coming up this Sunday, I want to bear my testimony that I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that His Atonement happened and provides us comfort and strength if we choose to use it in our lives. Even though Christ died that day on the cross, I know that he was resurrected the third day. And I know that we will all be resurrected because of Him, and if we stay true to the covenants we have made, we will live forever with God, Jesus Christ and our families. I love Jesus Christ, and I am so thankful that he chose willingly to suffer for me. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

There is a great video that the church put out about the Resurrection that I invite everyone to watch. You can find it at  followhim.mormon.org.

Have a great week!
Elder Cannon 

Week #87- Trying a New Teaching Method
March 28, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

This past week has been a really busy week. We taught a lot of lessons and found a lot of new people to teach.

Last week I mentioned the way to begin teaching through the Book of Mormon. We've been teaching this way and it totally works.  It’s actually really cool. We started out our lesson with Miguelina and Leapoldo this way. Miguelina had read the testimony of the three witnesses and testimony of the eight witnesses, and we were asked her what stuck out to her in what she had read. I honestly had no idea how we were going to transition from that to the Plan of Salvation. However, Elder Free found the perfect transition at the bottom of the testimony of the three witnesses where it mentions standing at the judgement bar and being saved.  This helped us to transition perfectly into the Plan of Salvation.

We had a really good lesson with Maria about how she would receive her answer if the Book of Mormon is true. Sadly, she wasn't at church on Sunday, but we have a lesson with her tonight so we will see what happened.

We got a media referral this week.  We visited the address on the referral.  The owner told us that he hadn't requested us to come over, but clearly he did or someone in his family did because he had his phone number and email. He decided to let us in and we talked to him. He is Pentecostal and all he did was try to bash with us. It was really cool though because all the different concerns he brought up lead right into the next point of the Restoration. His big concern was how he felt that when someone is baptized it should be in the name of Jesus Christ and not in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. When we came back to his home for a lesson the second time we brought a member named Brother Flores. We focused on the Book of Mormon, but he kept bringing up his question about baptism, and so we read a scripture in 3rd Nephi where Jesus Christ talked about how we should be baptized. Brother Flores bore a super strong testimony of his conversion.  Unfortunately, the investigator was more interested in bashing with us than anything else so we were forced to drop him.

We had interviews with President Baker. Its crazy to think that it is a one of the last few that I will have with him. Because he is being released two weeks before I am, its not clear whether he will be able to do my final interview. He said he'd think about it, he just doesn't want to step on the new mission president's toes.  I am really hoping that I can get my last interview from him.

At church we had a special Easter program where we read the final talk that Bruce R. McConkie gave about the Savior. I was asked to teach the gospel doctrine classes right before Sacrament meeting so I had 2 minutes to look over the lesson and then I had to teach it. Luckily, it was on 2 Nephi 31 which is about the doctrine of Christ. After church we had a linger longer and we ate some really good food.

I want to finish by inviting everyone to watch all the sessions of General Conference that they can. It is an amazing opportunity to have a living prophet and apostles. Come to Conference with a question and it will be answered

Everyone have a great week.

Love, Elder Cannon

                                           My new friend, a less active member's chicken