Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week #69- Exchanges and Translating

November 16, 2015
Dear Family and Friends,
It's starting to cool down here in Greenville! We are starting to wake up with the temperature in the low 40s. It's actually been a super warm fall so that means its probably going to be a freezing winter and we might get some snow here in February again. 
We have been really busy this week. We had exchanges with the Assistants to the President on Tuesday. Elder Brown came down here with us. Elder Brown is one of the English missionaries that came into the field with me, he was my zone leader earlier this year and we were companions for a few days when Elder Bradshaw finished his mission while I was waiting for transfer day to get a new companion. We were able to teach lessons to two of our investigators that have a lot of potential but we hadn’t had much success in making appointments with in the past.

We taught Jorge the plan of salvation and you could tell that the felt the spirit. However, Jorge couldn't wrap his mind around what the atonement was when we were trying to explain it to him. I have found it interesting on my mission to try to explain what the atonement is as most of the time people in general just don't understand it. They know He died on the cross and was resurrected but that is basically it. I'm so thankful that the atonement is so much more than that. Jesus Christ literally felt every single pain, illness, affliction, temptation and everything we would ever feel or go through, and because of that he is able to succor us and help us to overcome all that we struggle with. Jesus’ sacrifice will allow us to stand before God at the judgment bar and be clean, if we do our best to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We were able to teach Alicia again. She is doing well; she just has been super busy with work. She got a job in Goldsboro which requires her to wake up at 4:00 in the morning every day and then she doesn't get home until late at night. It's actually pretty frustrating because that is how it is with almost all the people we teach. The Hispanics are worked to death here and literally have almost no time at all to meet with us. Elder Dickerson served the first part of his mission in Ecuador and he said, that people were always outside and got home from work around 4 p.m., so it was easy to teach their investigators every day. We get lucky if we can teach them more than once a week, and a lot of times we aren't able to see them for a couple weeks.
We also had exchanges with the Kinston Elders and Woodington Elders. Elder Dickerson went to Kinston, and I went down South to Woodington. Woodington is in the middle of nowhere. I wouldn't call any of their area a city. It is just farmland and forest with an occasional house. However, apparently the Woodington ward is like one of the strongest wards in our stake and they have 250 active members. We went "tracting" down there, which really isn't tracting since you get in the car to drive to the next house to knock on the door.   We met a Hispanic woman, as we were tracting. Since the Woodington Elders don't speak Spanish, I talked with her and started a lesson. I got through the first point of the Restoration and then I stopped and told the woman that the other Elders were going to teach her too and I would translate. So the Woodington Elders and I taught her and I just translated for them whenever she talked and translated for her when they talked. It is too bad that the closest Spanish missionaries are in Kinston, which is 30 miles away.  I’m not sure exactly how she is going to get taught, and if she gets taught it won't be very often. 
This next week we will be busy since we have Elder Arnold of the Seventy coming. We have a mission conference with all the missionaries in North Carolina tomorrow morning in Goldsboro, and right after the conference ends at 3 p.m. we get to drive almost 4 hours North to Portsmouth, Virginia for a conference with all the Zone leaders and Sister training leaders and Elder Arnold the following day. 
I hope everyone has a great week!
Elder Cannon