Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Week #68- Singing a Sermon

November 9, 2015

Hey Family and Friends!!!!

This week has been crazy busy just like every first week of the month. On every first Tuesday of the month we have to "deep clean" our apartment. By the time we finished cleaning it was time for us to drive up to Virginia for the Mission Leadership Conference. However, we had to drive through Roanoke Rapids to pick up a car from some Elders there so that a new Tiwi monitoring device could be installed.  This added on an extra hour to our drive to Virginia. We had set up a time to meet up with the Elders at 6:30 pm. However, the Elders decided to drive to an appointment instead of meeting us at the agreed upon time that was 30 minutes in the wrong direction, so we had to wait around in Roanoke Rapids for an hour and a half until they arrived at 8:00pm. We ended up arriving to the AP's house in Portsmouth, Virginia at 9:50 pm. 

Something that the Assistant to the Presidents are known for here is that they run a few miles every morning. So we got to run a little more then two miles with them on Wednesday morning. After our Mission Leadership Conference meeting, we drove back through Roanoke Rapids to exchange cars with the Elders there.   We got back to Greenville just in time for a lesson at 7 p.m. with Fernando. Fernando is always asking us questions because he is curious and wants to know more and he is one of the most intelligent investigators that I've met. He was asking us questions like how the people in the Americas knew about Jesus Christ if history shows that Christianity didn't exist here until after people from Europe had come over. 

Larry has had a couple of hard weeks and will have to wait a few more weeks until he can buy a car and be able to drive up here to Greenville to come to church. We contacted missionaries in Raleigh, North Carolina so that they can contact him and continue to teach him until he is able to come back up here.

Last night, we had a lesson with our investigators Pancrasio and Victor. We were talking about the Sunday church service with them and they asked us if we sing at church. Elder Dickerson told them that I was a good singer with a really good voice and so they told me that I should sing to them. They kept insisting that I sing to them, so I told them I would sing them a hymn if they would read a chapter in the Book of Mormon. Elder Dickerson felt a little bad, so he and I both sang Nearer My God to Thee in Spanish to them. The spirit was really strong while we were singing even though Elder Dickerson and I can't sing very well.  Afterwards, they said that they would come to church in the next few weeks! 

Have a great week everyone!
Elder Cannon

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