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December 29, 2014- My First Christmas in Virginia

December 29, 2014
My First Christmas in Virginia

Hi family and friends!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!

Monday night, we did a service project with the McCoy family in the branch. We made cookies and then sang carols and delivered cookies to members of our branch. 

Tuesday, we contacted a bunch of people.  In the evening, the McCoy's took us out to dinner at Tucano's.  Tucano's is a Brazilian restaurant that serves lots of different kinds of meat, and mmmm it was so good.

Wednesday was Christmas Eve. I woke up feeling a little sick and I could feel that it was going hit me hard. We had Christmas Eve off. We went to the home of Ramon and Belkis, our investigators, for dinner where we had tamales, horchata, roasted turkey and dessert. They completely stuffed us. Afterwards we were invited to another ward member’s home and she served us steak, potatoes and more tamales. Oh my goodness, I was so full that I thought I was going to explode.

We woke up Christmas day and called in on the phone to a mission wide conference where each of the Assistants to the President gave a message about Christmas, and then President and Sister Baker each shared a message about Christmas as well. After our phone conference, Elder Morgan and I opened our presents, and then we went over to the Richies' house for lunch. Of course the highlight of my day was when I was able to skype with my family! I miss them a ton and wish I could have spent Christmas with them! I got a blessing from my companion and our stake president, President Hamilton to help me get over my illness. After the blessing President Hamilton told me that while he was giving the blessing, he "felt the spirit super strong.”  Then he said, “You are going to do some amazing things on your mission." I thought that his comments were cool and I've been thinking a lot about that experience lately.

As a result of my illness, I slept about 40 total hours over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Thankfully I woke up today feeling a lot better!

Well I hope everyone has a great week!

Love, Elder Cannon