Friday, October 16, 2015

Week 64- Two Returned Missionaries Teach With Us

October 12, 2015

Hey family and friends,

The Anderson family in our ward had two of their sons come home at the conclusion of their missions. Joe served in Argentina and Jacob served in Brazil. Apparently, their parents showed up three hours late to pick them up from the airport because they read the itinerary wrong. We've been taking both of them on exchanges with us, which has been sweet. Since Joe speaks Castilian Spanish, the type of Spanish that is spoken in Spain, we've been taking him with us frequently when we teach lessons. 

 On Monday, we helped with a service project in Kinston, North Carolina.  Our Mission President has instructed the missionaries that we should wear long pants and not shorts while doing service.  Note that in the picture below I am wearing jeans, something that I usually don't wear.  After the service project was completed, we went to tour a Civil War Battleship called the USS Neuse.  It is the only Civil Ship that has been reconstructed to the actual size.

I received two new pairs of shoes from my parents this week.  They have been trying to get them to me since August.  The original package from DSW was sent to the Mission office in Portsmouth, Virginia.  I planned to pick the package up at the next Mission Conference which is held every month.  When I arrived at the Mission office a few weeks later, the package was not there and one of the secretaries told me that the shoes were sent to my apartment in North Carolina.  It turns out that the package was scanned into the Greenville, North Carolina Post Office and then after that it was lost.  The Post Office tried to find it but they were unsuccessful.  Two weeks later, my parents received an email from DSW to notify them that the shoes had been returned.  We don't know who returned them but we are so grateful that they did.  My parents reordered the same shoes but this time they had them sent directly to my apartment in Greenville, North Carolina and I received them two days later! You can see by looking at the picture of the shoes below just how much the old shoes have been worn out by walking and tracting in all the rain and snow. 

We were teaching a lesson to one of our investigators, and he didn't agree with what we were talking about.  Elder Dickerson bore his testimony and our investigators denied his testimony, telling him he was too young and inexperienced to know that. Then he proceeded to tell us that we were too young to be Elders. Yes, I am young but I have the Holy Ghost to guide me in what I say and do. He is the one teaching and testifying to the people, and he knows how to touch people's hearts. I am simply just the mouthpiece. I am grateful for the guidance of the Holy Ghost, whose guidance makes all the difference.

We met an amazing Hispanic family while tracting this week. We have already taught them about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon.

On Sunday, we were invited to eat dinner with the Andersons. When we arrived we saw that there were other families there as well. Most of the families that were invited speak Portuguese. The Portuguese language sounds like the speaker is speaking Spanish with marbles in their mouth. I can understand some Portuguese words but other words are not similar at all. 

I know the church is true and I am so thankful that we have a living Prophet and Apostles who guide this church. I know that God loves all of us and he wants us to be happy and we can find that happiness as we live the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Elder Cannon

                       Here I am in front of the CSS Neuse located in Kinston, North Carolina. 
                                     It is the only Civil war warship that is rebuilt to actual size.

            Compare my old shoes are on the left to the new ones on the right that I just received 
                                    from my parents.  They are the same brand and style.