Monday, June 29, 2015

June 22, 2015 and June 29, 2015- Lani's Baptism and Teaching Lani's Family and Friends

June 22, 2015- Lani's Baptism  
Hey Family and Friends!!

This week was an amazing week!! Lani got baptized!!! She was pretty nervous when she showed up but the spirit was super strong during her baptismal service. It was a sweet experience to be able to baptize her. Elder Edwards told me afterwards that I had dunked Lani so deep that he didn't thing I'd be able to pull her back up but it ended up being alright.  After her baptism she bore a super powerful testimony about how she received an answer that this church was true. Her whole family was there so I hope that her testimony touched one of their hearts.
After the baptism, we had a branch party for dia de los padres (Father's day), which was a ton of fun.

On Sunday night Martin and Lani invited us over to eat some of Lani's tres leches cake, a cake from El Salvador that has 3 kinds of milk in it.  Oh man, it was the best tres leches cake I've ever eaten.

Transfer calls were pretty crazy on Saturday! When the phone rang, I thought oh no, I'm leaving- its going to be me. But it shocked all three of us to find out that both Elder Garcia and I are going to stay in Norfolk and Elder Edwards is being sent to Newport News halfway through his training. Elder Garcia and I will be training a new missionary who is flying in from the MTC on Tuesday. So looks like I'm going to have another son (trainee), and that means I will be here in Norfolk for almost 8 months! (January to August) I'm glad to be staying here, because I love this area! 

I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Cannon

June 29, 2015- Teaching Lani's Family and Friends 
Hola Everyone!

It is awesome that Lani is a member now because she has been a huge help in our lessons. We started teaching her daughter- in-law and her daughter- in-law's friend earlier this week. Lani has been a huge help during the lessons because she is willing and happy to bear her testimony. Lani and her daughter-in-law and friend are having a competition to see who can finish reading the Book of Mormon first. We set Jazmin to be baptized on August 1st.  It would be awesome if she met that date because that would be the last week before the next transfer and that would mean that I could be there for her baptism.

On Wednesday, Elder Garcia and I dropped off Elder Edwards, and picked our new greenie. His name is Elder Thompson and he is from Utah, just like everybody else, ha ha. That makes him my 4th companion, out of 7, from Utah. Elder Thompson's Spanish is actually pretty good considering he just came out of the MTC.

We had a really sweet experience on Thursday. We had received a referral from a member.  When we went to contact Ramon we realized that it was the home of the member who gave us the referral. We knocked on the door anyway and asked for Ramon and the member told us that he lived next door. We went next door but no one answered.  Apparently, the member owns the house next door and rents it out to a bunch of people, because the next thing we knew the member brought some keys over and unlocked the door. He told us which bedroom was Ramon’s, so we walked upstairs and knocked on his bedroom door. It was a little awkward at first when Ramon opened his door since we were knocking on his bedroom door, but we ended up having a sweet lesson with him, and he said he would read the Book of Mormon and come to church. Ramon is from Puerto Rico and has only been in the United States for a couple months. However, on Sunday the member told us that Ramon had turned in his keys and left the area.  Hopefully we'll run into Ramon again.

I called Christopher on the phone Saturday night.  He's a less active 19 year old from the Dominican Republic.  I invited him  to go to church and he said he'd come if could take him there, and he ended up coming! It was pretty sweet because that was the first time I've seen him at church in the 6 months I've been living here.

Sunday was a pretty crazy day for eating. Lani told us that she was going to feed us late Sunday night, but when we got our food calendar that they pass around church for people to sign up to feed us, it had a different family's name written down, so we talked to our Branch Mission Leader to cancel the dinner appointment for us.  He said that he would take care of it so that we could eat with Lani.   While we were knocking an investigator's door at 4:15 p.m., we got a call from the family who signed up asking us if we were going to come eat.  Apparently our branch mission leader didn't take care of canceling the appointment, so we headed over and ate dinner with them anyway. Then around 6 p.m. we were in a middle of a lesson with a new investigator named Santos, the brother of Martin's sister-in-law, when he told us he was going to order papusas for us.  He had previously told me that he would order papusas for us because I had told him before that I like them. So, we ate a second dinner of papusas. I'm not going to complain since I love papusas. Then, when we showed up at Lani's at 8 p.m. she had dinner ready for us.  We couldn't really tell her that we weren't going to eat it after she had planned and prepared for us, so we ate a third dinner... I think that I gained 5 pounds on Sunday.

We were told that the 4th of July is going to be a normal proselyting day.  Last year President Baker said that July 4th would be a non-proselyting day.  I'm not sure how many people will want us to come by and teach them on that day but we will do it anyway.  With any luck, it should end up being a good day.

I hope everyone has a great week!!

Elder Cannon

Lani's baptism day
Me, Lani, Elder Garcia, and Elder Edwards