Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 27, 2014- My First Talk in Spanish

Week # 5- August 27, 2014

Hello family and friends,
In exactly seven days from now, I will be traveling to Virginia. I’m really excited to start preaching the gospel but I will also miss Mexico City and the CCM.

Here is what happened this past week:
Last Preparation day I got a haircut from a lady who spoke absolutely no English. Lets just say I don’t think she really understood what I wanted when I tried to explain it in Spanish, so I ended up getting a super short haircut.

I have found a new hobby. Shining shoes is one of the best activities ever. I just felt so accomplished when my shoes were all shiny. To those who have the time, I would definitely suggest shining your shoes. Ha Ha

Rugby got banned here at the CCM. We were only playing two- hand touch but some guy twisted his ankle. The past few weeks there have been a lot of kids who broke their noses during soccer. I guess the president of the CCM realizes that if he were to ban soccer here, it would create a problem with the Latinos.

Our morning teacher´s last day was last Saturday. He got another job in Mexico City so we will have a substitute teacher for the rest of this week.

Since we are in the heart of Mexico City its easy to hear the things that are going on outside the CCM even though you can´t see it because of the high walls. The past few days there has been some really good quality Mariachi Bands playing. We can hear the music while we’re walking to class, and it has been pretty fun to listen to.

Both of our teachers told me and Elder McCall that they thought that we are the best teachers in our district, so they both asked us to go teach one of the new districts how to plan lessons to teach an investigator and how to create a language plan. We are going to teach them tomorrow.

This Sunday I gave a 5 minute talk about the el don del Espirtu Santo, the gift of the Holy Ghost, in Spanish in our sacrament meeting. I think that giving a talk in Spanish is easier than giving a talk in English. It was cool because even though I had to read a lot from my talk, there were definitely some parts in my talk where I was able to look up and just speak in Spanish like when I was bearing my testimony.

Sunday night one of our latino friends got really sick. So he asked us to give him a blessing. His companion gave the blessing but he asked me to anoint the oil, and of course I had to do it in Spanish. I have never done an anointing before so it was really cool to try to do it in Spanish.

Here in the CCM I have been trading one-dollar bills for bills from the other countries that are equal to the dollar bill in the US. So far I have money from Columbia, Honduras, and Peru.

This week has been a really good week but it has definitely gone by fast. I´m really excited to get out into the field and to start preaching the gospel to the people in North Carolina and Virginia. 

Elder Cannon

I am pointing to Virginia on this map.  This is where I'll be sharing the gospel next week.